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Nestled on the very edge of a precipitous cliff, The Tulou emerges as an architectural marvel in the heart of Bali’s ethereal beauty. This pristine haven, ensconced in the enchanting Kutuh village of South Kuta, Badung Regency, unveils a world of exquisite refinement. The Tulou beckons travelers with its nine distinct villas, each a masterpiece in its own right, ranging from the graceful standard villas to the opulent 2-bedroom suites.


The entrance to The Tulou is a portal to grandeur, akin to stepping into the opulent lobby of a 5-star resort. It’s a journey that begins with a profound sense of arrival, a realization that you’ve stepped into a world where luxury is not just a word, but a way of life. A lift and a winding staircase await, promising an ascent into the heart of The Tulou’s elegance.

Receptionist & Front Office

As you ascend to the reception area, an oasis of greenery welcomes you. Hints of artistic accents grace the surroundings, providing a glimpse of the beauty that lies within. The front office itself is a haven of comfort, where you can pause and breathe in the anticipation of the extraordinary experiences to come. Gaze upon the exquisite paintings that adorn the walls, each one telling a story, and let the spirit of The Tulou envelop you.

Restaurant & Shared Swimming Pool

From the reception area, a path leads you to the restaurant and the shared pool. Here, you’re transported to a world of culinary delight and aquatic serenity. The restaurant’s panoramic views of Uluwatu are awe-inspiring, a visual symphony that accompanies your culinary journey. A lift connects you to the main entrance area, where a Zen garden and beautifully maintained gardens offer a dreamscape of serenity. The shared swimming pool, another testament to The Tulou’s grandeur, overlooks the cliffside, inviting you to bask in the tranquil beauty of the surroundings.

Swimming Pool Area

Step into The Tulou’s serene embrace and you’ll find yourself standing at the precipice of paradise. The colossal swimming pool, a shimmering expanse mirroring the azure skies, stretches majestically before you. As you take in the panoramic vista, the world seems to recede, leaving only the sound of gently cascading water and the soft rustle of palm leaves. The Tulou’s meticulously landscaped gardens provide a vibrant tapestry, with flora that dances harmoniously with the surroundings. It’s a mesmerizing sanctuary where time surrenders to tranquility.

Bungalow One – Bedroom Garden

In the heart of The Tulou’s embrace lies the Cottage Room, an embodiment of rustic elegance. The walls breathe with the warmth of timeless wooden design, inviting you to embrace its cozy allure. The bed, more than a mere piece of furniture, cradles you in its comforting embrace. Above, a unique chandelier casts a gentle glow, reminiscent of fireflies at twilight. Step outside onto your private patio for two, where Balinese wooden carvings adorn the tranquil surroundings, a testament to the island’s rich heritage.


The library at The Tulou is not merely a room; it is a sanctuary of intellect and reprieve. Elegant design elements meld seamlessly with the promise of solace. The very air seems to hush in reverence as you enter. Here, your thoughts find respite amidst the pages of captivating literature. A symphony of antiques, each with its own whispered tale, graces the room. Underfoot, wooden planks guide your journey through knowledge. It is an oasis of stillness, where time finds its own pace.

Suite One – Bedroom

The Suite Room at The Tulou is a canvas of understated luxury. Cool tile floors underfoot create an inviting contrast to the warmth of Balinese tradition woven into every corner. The bathroom reveals its artistry through unique design tiles, an elegant dance of form and function. Your bed, a cocoon of comfort, becomes the heart of the room. Above it, wooden designs pay homage to Bali’s artistic heritage. A cozy night in becomes an exquisite memory in the making.

Villa One Bedroom – Pool

As the first light of dawn kisses the horizon, awaken to the symphony of The Tulou’s 1-bedroom suite. A private patio, a canvas for morning coffee or late-night conversations, beckons you to step outside. The suite’s architectural marvel lies in the four sturdy wooden pillars, echoing Balinese architecture’s grace and strength. The glossy finish floor glistens in the morning light, a stage for your dreams to unfold. Every corner tells a story, blending the old traditions with the modern elegance that defines The Tulou.

Villa Two Bedroom – Pool

The 2-bedroom suite at The Tulou unfolds like a grand opera. A living room, grand in both size and opulence, transports you to a realm of unparalleled luxury. Glossy tiles beneath your feet, a spacious eating area for six, and wooden doors adorned with intricate Balinese carvings define this living space. The kitchen area is a testament to the art of culinary creation, and the living area invites conversation and relaxation in equal measure. Here, you’re not just a guest; you’re a connoisseur of elegance.

Villa Two Bedroom – Pool – Twin Bedroom

Elegance takes center stage in the Twin Bedroom. The bathroom, an oasis of wooden and granite countertops, beckons with its pristine allure. Twin queen beds cocoon you in comfort, and the grand TV at the room’s center becomes a portal to leisure. Every corner exudes timeless elegance, ensuring your stay is nothing short of exquisite.

Villa Two Bedroom – Pool – Master Bedroom

The Master Bedroom at The Tulou is more than a room; it’s an ode to artistry. His and her basins grace an elegant bathroom, where wood and granite unite in harmonious contrast. Wooden architecture soars to the heavens with high pillars, partitioning the space for work or contemplation. As you recline in the bed, the entire room becomes a panoramic masterpiece, offering breathtaking views of The Tulou’s surroundings. The wooden door, a masterpiece in itself, tells the story of Bali’s rich artistic legacy. Above, intricate wooden carvings adorn the ceiling, and the glossy floor gleams with a promise of opulence. Here, luxury becomes an understatement.
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공항에서: 차로 25분 거리
해변에서: 차로 16분 거리
넓이 면적: 4000 m²
체크인 시각: 14:00
체크아웃 시각: 12:00
웨딩 이벤트 풀빌라
리트릿 풀빌라




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The Tulou

€1,150 부터 1박
베드룸 옵션: 6
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