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Welcome to Villa Leona, an exceptional 1,8 hectare, seafront compound that boasts 8-bedrooms. This haven will unfold as your personal oasis allowing you to capture the beauty of Bali’s culture and charm within a private sanctuary. Villa Leona goes beyond a mere retreat; it’s a statement of luxury, featuring expansive, lush grounds and a generously-sized shared pool area. This sanctuary comprises eight private rooms, each a tranquil haven, allowing you and your loved ones to enjoy a peaceful getaway together.


As you enter Villa Leona from the parking lot, you’ll be enchanted by the traditional Balinese vibes. Open spaces, swaying palm trees, and vibrant greenery welcome you. The landscape, adorned with various trees, including elegant banana trees, sets the stage for an entrance that transports you to paradise. A pathway, crafted from limestone, guides your journey, creating a sense that you’re about to into a serene paradise. Following Villa Leona’s main pathway, you’ll discover a charming wooden bridge leading to its restaurant area.


Villa Leona’s restaurant invites you with high ceilings adorned in rattan and traditional Balinese furniture carved from rich wood. Crossing the wooden bridge intensifies the overall ambiance, flanked by a fish pond on either side. Inside, the restaurant boasts a captivating blend of unique and antique Balinese wooden furniture, creating an atmosphere of timeless elegance. The dining space is divided into seating and dining areas, accommodating up to 20 people. The restaurant treats you to breathtaking views of Tabanan’s black beach, a sprawling garden, and an expansive pool area, showcasing the beauty of the sea, sunbeds, and the restaurant’s architectural masterpiece.
On the left side of the restaurant stairs, a pathway unfolds, leading to the swimming pool area and granting access to select beachfront view rooms. These rooms, characterized by intricate wooden architecture are nestled within lush greenery. Meanwhile, on the right side of the restaurant, a meandering pathway introduces more of the garden area, guiding you to the pathway of Room number three.


The focal point of Villa Leona is a spacious swimming pool surrounded by meticulously landscaped gardens and graceful palm trees. This aquatic haven overlooks the breathtaking Tabanan beach and sea, providing ever-changing perspectives of the traditional Balinese architecture that defines the restaurant. The swimming pool area not only showcases a collection of rooms on both the left and right sides but also presents 8 daybeds strategically positioned for maximum pleasure, serenity, and an exclusive tropical experience.


Close to Room number 5, a dedicated bungalow awaits spa enthusiasts, designed to immerse you in the soothing sounds of the sea and the embracing aura of surrounding greenery. Perched on a small lake, this spa area guarantees you a blissful experience.


Room number 1 has a unique circular design and is designed with high ceilings, air conditioning, and panoramic views of the surroundings. The room welcomes you with a king-size bed, two uniquely shaped sofas, and an outdoor bathtub area for invigorating showers. The bathroom, featuring sinks for him and her, extends the luxury with an outdoor bathing experience.


Enter Room number 2, a haven designed with stones on the exterior, leading to a meticulously crafted tile floor with mesmerizing patterns. The walls connecting the room to the bathroom are adorned with stones, creating a unique atmosphere. Revel in the comfort of a king-size bed, a relaxing sofa, and an indoor bathroom with sinks for him and her. The walls inside the room showcase the artistry of stones, complemented by a large painting of a traditional Balinese dancer. Additionally, the room boasts its own kitchen, equipped with a fridge, dispenser, and stove.


Nestled on the right side of the restaurant and in proximity to the swimming pool area, Room number 3 beckons with a patio area featuring a sofa for outdoor relaxation. The room’s glass and wood door, a testament to traditional Balinese architecture, opens to a wooden panel floor adorned with granite. Revel in the thoughtful touches of a table, chair, king-size bed, and a sofa, complemented by a sink and fridge for refreshments. The bathroom, accessible through a sliding wooden door, offers two sinks, an outdoor bathtub overlooking a splendid garden, and an indoor shower.


Adjacent to Room 3, Room number 4 invites you into a tropical escape, with a lawn-like area before entering, complete with a jacuzzi and a set of daybeds. The room seamlessly blends limestone, glass, and wood, with a sliding glass door revealing an interior inspired by Balinese aesthetics. Indulge in the embrace of a king-size bed, surrounded by traditional paintings and antiquities. The bathroom, a fusion of indoor and outdoor elements, features a glass panel next to the bathtub, offering a view of the outside world. The room also boasts a sitting area with a sofa, a small kitchen, and a functional work desk.


Villa 5 stands as a testament to artistic design, crafted entirely from wood, creating a haven ideal for a small family or a couple seeking a more unique stay experience. The room unfolds with a small kitchen area, a comforting sofa, and an indoor shower area. The bathroom introduces a unique touch – a sliding curtain that reveals a direct view of the ocean.


Discover Room number 6, a beachfront masterpiece with a joglo design that unveils views of the black sand beach of Tabanan. A small patio area invites you to savor coffee while absorbing the beauty of the ocean. The room’s floor, adorned with Balinese tiles, surrounds the bed area with wooden pillars, creating an ambiance steeped in tradition. The bathroom offers his and her sinks, an inside bathtub area, and a spacious walking closet/wardrobe area.


Step into Room 7, an architectural marvel with a joglo-inspired design, offering a dedicated private swimming pool for you, your friends, and loved ones. The room is surrounded by captivating green landscapes, with walls adorned by beautiful traditional engravings and a fusion of wood and tiled floors. Open the sliding glass door to reveal a large swimming pool area, complete with a set of beach beds and a charming bungalow. The room features images of butterflies, adding a touch of character, and includes a small kitchen area for delightful snacks.


Located steps away from the restaurant and facing the ocean, Room number 8, invites you into a unique realm. The entrance, marked by a slow climb through giant steps, imparts a sense of entering the domain of Balinese royalty. As you approach, a square with glass walls and traditional Balinese architectural hints unfolds, reminiscent of old-school Bali but far from mundane. Slide the glass door with wooden panels to reveal a king-size bed adorned with 6 wooden pillars surrounding it, traditional Balinese engravings, and a dining table for four. The surroundings, lush with greenery and trees, set the stage for a bathroom that seamlessly merges with the semi-indoor and semi-outdoor design. A bathtub, nestled into the wooden floor panels, offers a serene view of the jungle-like scenery. The shower area, covered by wooden rattan blinds, ensures privacy, with a small space for convenience, completing the sublime experience.
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Villa Leona

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