Explore Lovina

Laid-back, tranquil, low-key: these are some of the adjectives often used to describe Lovina, the pearl of the north. In contrast with the bustling south, here the ocean is calm and the life’s pace is slow: the perfect destination for families with young children.
The Lovina area stretches over 8 km and consists of seven traditional coastal villages. Its relatively new name was coined in the late 50s by the king of Buleleng, who saw potential for tourism-based developments. Lovina’s coastline is fringed by thin black sand beaches, generally safe to swim, as the waters here are calmer than in the rest of the island. Aside from swimming and relaxing, tourists visit this part of the island mainly to snorkel, fish, watch dolphins and dive on coral reefs. Thanks to its laid-back atmosphere and more authentic Balinese lifestyle, the expat community has rapidly grown in the last years: more and more foreigners are now calling ‘home’ this gorgeous part of the island.
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